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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Mission

The Gretta Foundation’s mission is to provide in-country nursing education to impoverished persons living in disease-burdened nations while bolstering depleted healthcare workforces and improving patient care and outcomes.

About The Global Health-Care Worker Shortage

Healthcare shortages affect everyone, everywhere with critical shortages equivalent to a global deficit of over 4.3 million doctors, nurses, and other health-care professionals.

Nowhere are these conditions more evident than in Africa. According to the WHO World Health Report 2006, sub-Saharan Africa has 24% of the global disease burden but only 3% of the health care workforce worldwide and 1% of the global health expenditure. Where the need is most dire, the health-care resources are nearly nonexistent.

Exacerbating the health-care crisis is a problematic trend of the nursing “brain drain.” Due to higher pay and better workplace conditions, many skilled nurses are migrating from disease-burdened countries to more industrialized countries in the north. As a result, the loss of this essential human capital gravely affects health-care availability and patient’s quality of care.

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