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Monday, March 3, 2014

Agnes A....Saying "Good-bye."

Graduations are happy days but can be sad days too.  As those we come to love move on to bigger and better things, we miss them and our time together.  Please see this message from our Gretta Scholar, Agnes A.  (TGF)

Photo 1:  Immaculate and Agnes today.
Photo 2:  Doreen, Agnes and Immaculate early days.
I have the pleasure to inform you that I have already reported back to school for my last semester of the course.  

I am also very glad to inform you that it was such a joyful moment to watch our friends being congratulated upon completion of their course. It left me so jealous.  I must confess that tears rolled down my eyes to see Doreen being driven away from me to Mbale (her home village) for her graduation party. I felt the biggest gap ever. Although others were close, Doreen was the closest to my heart. She acted exactly like my elder sister, and a good friend. Meg, you gave me an opportunity to meet a sister. 

In this regard I thank you very much for your generosity and kindness towards us. Because of TGF, I have been able to meet and study with people who share almost the same experience as mine. I realize that in all these experiences we have shared, you have been able to build my life academically, emotionally and spiritually. The encouragement from Doreen, Jennifer, and other Gretta Scholars has made me realize that I am not the only person with a sad past and that I can go on despite the past.
That is why today, I thank you and the Gretta family for having brought us together and above all making sure that our future is not in any way similar to the past.  I am sure there are instances in which we have not made you happy, but please forgive us. 
We are very grateful for this opportunity and we love you very much.  Agnes A.