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Sunday, September 18, 2011

“News of home and Uganda”

“News of home and Uganda”

We came back from holidays, unfortunately I fell sick, I was diagnosed with malaria, given treatment and I'm fine now I got this malaria from the village when I went to visit grand dad. Otherwise the holiday was wonderful. I volunteered in some hospital for some time, and then mum requested me to help do some things at home.

It's the rainy season and my region; in eastern Uganda in Bulambuli district near the slopes of Mt. Elgon. We still experienced landslides. This time 29 people were buried, including babies, animals, and so many plantations destroyed. None of my relatives were affected though this region is occupied by people of my tribe. Hundreds of homes were destroyed by floods, and government plan to relocate all people in this area though it is taking long. The government and other organizations is also providing them with food in camps since all their crops and animals were destroyed.

Also there are so many demonstrations taking place, teachers, medical workers and different other social groups are complaining of the little pay since there is increased inflation in the country…Prices for all commodities and services have gone up, most of them have doubled. I don't know where we are heading

Gretta Scholar