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Monday, November 17, 2014

New Life

One wish I had for this trip was to see a mother give birth, and today my wish was answered. This was the first time I saw a live birth. It was very different in person than on television or film.

A first time mother was in labor and she graciously allowed us to be in the room for her delivery. Watching new life come into the world was beautiful and remarkable. It also looked painful. Yet, this woman was so tough I barely heard any noise come from her.

The midwife had to perform an episiotomy. An episiotomy “also known as perineotomy, is a surgical incision of the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall generally done by a midwife or obstetrician during second stage of labor to quickly enlarge the opening for the baby to pass through.”

The mother did not scream loud as I expected. She remained relatively quiet, only making a moderate level of noise. Keep in mind she had no pain medicine to aid her during this delivery.
It was fascinating watching the whole process, from delivering the child, to cutting the umbilical cord, and finally delivering the placenta. 

Thankfully this mother had a safe birth and healthy baby. I was appreciative the mother allowed us to be in the room. I will never forget this day. It was an extraordinary experience that I will cherish.  

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